Kari McMullen
Bloomington, Illinois

Bio: I am a responsible, enthusiastic person whose accomplishments reflect strong academics, exceptional writing ability, and excellent communication skills. As an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate from Medill, Northwestern University, I have worked collaboratively with top-tier global companies to gain strategic and quantitative skills that emphasize on analytics, focusing intently on consumer insights. I have developed skills across traditional and digital media and influence consumers in today's complex global marketplace. During my MBA experiences, I studied internationally in Brazil and was exposed to alternative business cultures. I learned the proper way to analyze a company's business structure and was exposed to various strategies that help understand growth opportunities and potential risks for businesses. I also created business plans and marketing strategies for small and large companies that are still being utilized today. In my previous work experiences, I analyzed expenditures and merged services within businesses in order to make the businesses more economically efficient. These efforts allowed these companies to save over $4 million dollars off of their yearly financial budget. I have consulted both small and large businesses by reviewing their budgets, current marketing strategies, and business perspectives, as well as provided opportunities and suggestions of ways to become more competent and competitive organizations within their industry. As a successful manager of various industries, I have coordinated the delivery of development and production releases, making sure that quality assurance standards are met. I have also created and maintained project plans to ensure timely completion of tasks, major project milestones, and resource allocation.

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